Sushi, originally uploaded by Edward Faulkner

I love photos with long perspective. A wide-angle lens can make this kind of scene more extreme, but the effect works just fine without one. This shot was taken on a Casio point and shoot. All you need to do is find a long subject and get up nice and close to one end of it.

The tricky part is managing focus and depth of field to keep both the near and far parts of the subject sharp. In this case the nearest plates are too soft. This photo (and the previous post) would probably have both benefited from focusing at hyperfocal distance. More on that later.

And yes, sushi in Japan is definitely better than sushi in the US.


Eileen said...

I hope you were lucky enough to travel with another sushi lover.... Too bad we don't have a fantastic picture of the very fresh tempura we had.

madydahlin said...

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