Wild Animals

Our recent vacation in New Hampshire yielded a bounty of animal sightings. My favorite was this fox, who followed us down the trail on a high ridge north of Mt Adams:
Red Fox
Red Fox

The light was very low, so I had auto-ISO enabled and it selected ISO 1600 -- a very high sensitivity, with added graininess and noise. Thankfully my Nikon does a pretty good job at ISO 1600. This is a shot you couldn't really get with a smaller digital camera, because the sensor is just too small.

He or she stuck around surprisingly long, and I was firing in bursts the whole time. These two shots were the best poses that managed to come out sharp.

Next, we have the most famous megafauna of the north, the moose:

The shot was taken from the door of a moose tour bus:

The moose is lit with several spotlights. Apparently the lights don't scare them away. While it was nice to see one so close, it was more exciting to run into one out in the woods earlier that evening: Moose

Alas, I was only carrying the point-and-shoot, and not my big zoom. But I didn't need a zoom for this critter: Toad in Hole

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